Text messages on time


Schedule text messages to send at a time the user specifies. An easy way to send an SMS at a different time


Delay SMS, timed text message, sms reminder, schedule sms.

1. Create a new txtot

It's really easy to create a new message. Simply click on the new message button to begin

3. Pick a date & time

Choose the date and time you want your scheduled text to be delivered.

You can even set recurring messages, so you can schedule repeating texts on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

2. Select a recipient

You can choose who you want to send your message to. You can send it to one person, or even a group

It's easy to send scheduled texts to a group of people.

4. Write your message

Simply type your message and tap the send button. It's that easy! Your message will now be automatically sent on the time and date you scheduled.

Never forget to send an important text

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