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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

Can I send a text message to 3 people at the same time?

Yes, you can! Add multiple contacts at once by clicking the Plus (+) icon in the Contacts field.

Why do I need Credits to send scheduled SMS ?

Apple doesn't allow us to automatically send sms messages through your mobile carrier. So we have to send the sms through the internet, which causes costs to us. We cannot pay these costs by ourselves, That's the reason why you need to buy credit to send SMS messages in txtot.

My Credits dropped to 0 what should I do ?

You can always get more credits. Each scheduled text counts as one credit. Purchasing additional credits helps us pay for txtot's bills and keeps our lights on. To purchase more credits, simply tap the Menu button in the app and select the credits option. From there, you can select the credits package that best fulfills your needs.

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